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Why you need Reputation MNGR.Pro


Turn your customers into raving fans.

More Sales

Convert more visitors into paying customers.

Automated and Easy

Setup is quick and easy.


The easiest Way to Get More Reviews


Get the reputation you deserve.

The easiest way to get more reviews, referrals and sales on sites like Google, Facebook, and many more.

Why you need more Reviews

Top rated businesses win more sales, at higher prices, with less work, and grow faster.

Google Reviews

Rank higher in search results, Google Maps, win more traffic and be seen as the top rated provider.

Facebook Reviews

Get recommended to your best customers' entire network. Like word of mouth, but 1000x more powerful.

Many Other Review Sites

90% of consumers think reviews and referrals are more important than any info provided by a salesperson.


Surpass your competitors.
Get more reviews.

Win over twice as many reviews as competing tools with automated emails and text messages.
A simple experience for you and your customers
Getting reviews is tough, we’ve made it easy. All it takes is 2 clicks and 30 seconds.
MNGR© review reminders
We detect if your customer hasn’t left a review and send smart reminders — MNGR© review reminders win over twice as many reviews than competing solutions.
Smart review distribution
MNGR.Pro’s smart funnel will distribute your reviews on the sites where they’ll be seen most, such as Google and Facebook.


Automatic social media marketing.
More leads.

Your customer stories become engaging social media posts, shared at just the right time to win new customers.
Automated sharing
We’ll share your best stories across social media so you can spend your evenings with your family, not Facebook.
3x more engagement
MNGR.Pro crafts perfect social media posts for you that drive up to 3x more engagement than sharing a text review.
Measure the results
See how many new potential customers have seen your customer stories, and which stories have been most effective.


Better search engine rankings.
More sales.

Drive more website traffic and sales with customer stories and powerful website add ons.
Stories widget
Boost search engine rankings and sales by automatically publishing customer stories and reviews to your website.
We create a lead generation microsite for your company to help drive traffic and sales.
Trust widgets
Show off your average ratings on major review sites and collect reviews anywhere with one button.


Reviews + photos = marketing goldmine.

Enhance your reviews with photos, comments, and tags to create more trust, social engagement, and sales.
Transform your reviews into customer stories
Add photos to any existing review or new request to build trust. See reach greatly increase, driving more traffic.
Tag your stories
Add product or service tags to your stories to increase their reach, and help you filter and sort them.
Tell your customer stories
Add your own comments to any customer story, letting you quickly create a mini blog post or case study.




Up to 2500 contacts

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Get More Reviews

Win 2x more reviews with MNGR.Pro than with other solutions and become a top-rated business in your area — we’ll show you how.

Customization & Intellectual Property

Tailor your MNGR.Pro settings to suit your business. There’s lots of great options!

What Review Sites to Use

Which review sites should you use? See what review sites MNGR.Pro recommends, and learn how to optimize MNGR.Pro for your goals.

Share Reviews Across the Web

MNGR.Pro will help automate your marketing by publishing your reviews on major search engines and social media.

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